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Invoicing Tools
By Scott Newell on 10/18/2018

Some quick tips on ways to collect money faster!

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Job and Crew Instructions
By Kate Strohmeyer on 09/25/2018

What is the best way to give your crew instructions? This can be done digitally or on paper. Just navigate to your job and click the new "Add Job Instructions" link under the job description to give your crew specific instructions.

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Payment Search
By Mark Hardin on 09/04/2018

It can be easy to lose a payment in the shuffle of your daily grind, but if you're wanting to reconcile records or just see the last time a customer paid, navigate to the payment search and filter by customer, method, or status

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Marking Work Complete
By Chris Call on 08/23/2018

Tracking your team's performance and checklists can seem like an impossible task somedays. Now let your installers mark their work complete directly from the field. They can even add notes and specify the material that were installed

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Building A Quote
By Kate Strohmeyer on 08/21/2018

First impressions are everything and how you communicate with your prospect customers can improve your closing ratios. FieldGroove gives you the ability to build beautiful quotes that can be emailed, texted, or stuffed in an envelope

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Scope of Work (Work Orders)
By Mark Hardin on 08/18/2018

Whether you're running one crew or a dozen, you probably want to delegate daily responsibilities to each crew leader.  FieldGroove makes this easy, simply view your route for the day and download the scope of work

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Products & Services
By Matthew Allers on 08/15/2018

Products and services are the backbone of your operation.  Making sure they're setup correctly is important and can help you cost more accurately to ensure you hit your margins with every job.

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Asset & Equipment Management
By Mark Hardin on 08/15/2018

Need to manage your company assets or equipment? FieldGroove gives you the ability to keep up with all of your equipment, assign maintenance tasks, check in / out logs, record oil types, and even track via GPS

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Print Queue
By Mark Hardin on 08/02/2018

FieldGroove makes keeping up with your invoices easy. Print in bulk and never let another invoice delivery slip through the crack. Use the print queue and email communication history pages to track invoice delivery

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Marketing Campaigns
By Kate Strohmeyer on 07/28/2018

Get valuable insight into where your business is coming from by setting up a few marketing campaigns in FieldGroove. Set goals and track your return on investment by assigning a campaign as the lead source for each of your customers

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How To Schedule A Job
By Ashley Hardin on 07/21/2018

This is one of the most important things you do every day, pick which yards and jobs to knock out for the week. The FieldGroove scheduler makes this part of your job quick, easy, and painless.

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Profit & Loss Statement
By Dale Vaughn on 07/20/2018

Your passion is your work, probably not accounting so much. FieldGroove makes wearing all those hats a little more enjoyable. Navigate to your profit and loss statement for a quick breakdown of your company performance

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Appointment & Invoice Reminders
By Kate Strohmeyer on 07/19/2018

Define your reminder templates and let FieldGroove do the rest. We even give you options to define when your customer gets reminded. Improve customer relationships and cash flow with this feature

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Accepting Online Payments
By Dale Vaughn on 07/18/2018

Efficiency is everything in the green industry. Get paid automatically and faster with FieldGroove online payments. We offer low credit card processing fees that can even be passed on to your customers as a "Convenience Fee"

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Forecasting Monthly Expenses
By Ashley Hardin on 07/13/2018

FieldGroove gives you full visibility and oversight of your expenses. Quickly and easily spot trends and track your daily spending by vendor, category, and much more

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Route Optimization
By Mark Hardin on 07/10/2018

Need to squeeze in another job or two a day? No more guesswork on how to plan your day. Throw it on the schedule and let FieldGroove optimize your route to cut down on travel time

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Invoice Delivery
By Mark Hardin on 07/06/2018

Ever wondered if your customer has received and viewed an invoice you sent? We fixed this issue. Easily check to see if your invoice has been delivered and viewed by going to the "Invoices" screen

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Newsletters & Mass Emails
By Ashley Hardin on 07/02/2018

Quickly and easily send out promotion emails, weather notifications, and newsletters to your entire customer base. Even better, you'll be able to see who has viewed your newsletter. This is a powerful tool that is taking companies to the next level

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Analyzing Profit & Cost
By Trey Gallant on 06/29/2018

When setting up your inventory, simply assign a cost per unit (even per location if needed) and easily view the profitability from the job screen. See the screenshot for a complicated example with plants and labor

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Automatic Invoicing
By Kate Strohmeyer on 06/25/2018

Tired of manually invoicing for every service? Never forget to generate an invoice again. Let FieldGroove generate invoices automatically on the day of the job or once a month to improve your cashflow

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Importing & Exporting
By Dale Vaughn on 06/22/2018

Getting started with FieldGroove? Need to import data from your old system? Just navigate to your company settings and click "Import / Export" in the top right. Download the sample file and paste in your existing customer's information to get going

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PDF Invoices & Proposals
By Mark Hardin on 06/18/2018

Customize your documents with custom messages and fine print. You can also send your documents via email directly from FieldGroove and track communication

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Notes & Attachments
By Ashley Hardin on 06/15/2018

Add unlimited notes and attachments (signed agreements, design plans, photos, pdfs) to your customers, jobs, and leads. FieldGroove manages the chaos and organizes everything for you.

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Scheduling Jobs
By Mark Hardin on 06/11/2018

Drag and drop your jobs using the FieldGroove calendar from your phone or desktop and print out your daily route. You can also enable settings for events to show in red if the job was not marked complete

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Customer Feedback
By Matthew Allers on 06/08/2018

Enabling the customer satisfaction survey setting will send an email to your customer 48 hours after the job is completed. Customer's can rate your service and provide valuable feedback. You can also send a link to your Angie's List or Home Advisor page

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Automatic vs Manual Invoice Settings
By Chris Call on 06/04/2018

Just a few of the many FieldGroove settings you can toggle to get your invoicing setup just the way you like it. Most FieldGroovepers have found that enabling "Automatic Invoicing" by the job improved their cash flow almost immediately

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New Web Site Live
By Mark Hardin on 06/01/2018

FieldGroove is the field service CRM software you've been looking for to manage your entire business. Get paid faster and never forget to send an invoice again. Get better reviews and build even better relationships with your customers using the FieldGroove scheduler.

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